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Bargeld-Zahlungs-Terminal-Kiosk / Touch Screen Kiosk-Maschine / Selbstbedienungs-Touch Screen Kiosk

Zahlungsart: L/C, T/T, D/P, Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union
Minimum der Bestellmenge: 1


Typ: Terminal Currency Detector Typ: Laser Detector Queue System Verwendung: Semi-Outdoor Queue System Typ: Testimonials Datensammler Signalübertragung: Wireless Marke: DEDI Herkunft: Shenzhen, China Zertifizierung: CE, ISO, RoHS Währung Detector Prinzip: Anti Filling Detection Queue System Display Funktion: Graphics Data Collector Typ: Industrielle Datenerfassung Data Collector Betriebssystem: Windows / Linux / XP Spezifikation: CE, ROHS, 3C
Standard Configuration Industrial PC Low power consumption, high performance Industrial PC motherboard
Monitor 17inch
Touch screen 17inch surface Acoustic touch screen
Card reader Support bank card, IC card, RF card, magnetic card
Barcode scanner Used to scan different kinds of one dimensional code and two dimension code
Encrypted Pin pad 3DES encryption, Security certification of Union pay card terminal, with anti-spy cover
Card printer High resolution thermal Dye-sublimation color printing, high efficiency, easy operation. Support print magnetic card/IC card/RF card.
Receipt printer Thermal printer, 80mm, remind out of paper function. auto cutter.
 Line printer Black and white Laser printer, print A4/A5 paper report.
Cash acceptor Multi-denomination recognition, four-way banknote insertion, build-in one cash unit with capacity of 1200 bank notes
Coin acceptor Multi-denomination recognition coins
Cash dispenser High reliability and accuracy, the twice check device to avoid the mistakes
Coin dispenser Offer Coin change function with different Denomination, fast speed dispensing
Fingerprint Reader Use solid optical material, read fingerprint automatically with high recognition
Camera Wide-angle camera,anti-explosion  exclusive camera for ATM
POS terminal Motor-driven, push-rod design, the POS can be protected very well avoid damaging
Time setting module Set the time of power on and power off computer part, prolong the service time
UPS power Support  PC working in standby model for more than 10 minutes
Kiosk Cabinet Durable cold rolled steel, high&Low temperature resistance, slim and smart design, easy to install, Moisture proof, Antirust, Anti-acid, Anti-dust, Static free
Embedded intercom system The intercom system is used to ask for help. There is a machine inside and another machine outside. It is a wire connected system
Door control module Unauthorized door open action will turn on the alarm, and the alarm information can be uploaded by internet
Additional WIFI,Bluetooth function
Custom Option  The above configuration can be customized
1. Elegantes Design, intelligente Bedienung. 2. Touchscreen-Technologie, einfache bedienungsfreundliche Schnittstelle. 3. Industrie-PC-Host, sensible Antwort, schnelle Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit. 4. 3 DES Verschlüsselte Stiftauflage, verbessern den Sicherheitsstandard. 5. Selbsthilfebetrieb Transaktion Öffentliche Plätze: Theater, Markt, Einkaufszentrum, Kino, Hotel, Kongresszentren, Lotteriezentren. 2.Transport Industrie: Bahnhof, U-Bahn-Station, Busbahnhof, Flughafen, Vorverkaufsstellen 3.Culture Plätze: Bibliothek, Theater, Stadien, Museen 4.Financial Field: Bank 5.Regierungs-Lobby \ n \ n Cash Payment Terminal Kiosk/Touch Screen Kiosk Machine/Self-Service Touch Screen Kiosk \ n Cash Payment Terminal Kiosk/Touch Screen Kiosk Machine/Self-Service Touch Screen Kiosk \ n

Produktgruppe : Bank Kiosk

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